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       “I” is “Us”, “We” are “Them”, just reflections of divinity wrapped in a human form, unique and yet not unique unto itself. A translucent connectivity with everyone and everything. A unified conscience, an energy, a love, an inspiration, each energies impressing upon the planet through our little human feet. Walking, talking and meandering. Some see the unification (actually most are aware of it) some maybe choose to be separate in their views of others. Some may feel bruised and broken, such heavy burdens imposed. Words said that create spite or distaste for things otherwise seen as good or as one. Ego…that bloody ego. A little ego is not such a bad thing. as it makes each of us unique, but too much is well, too much.

Beauty is more than skin, love is more than “words”, unified diverse divinity …that’s what it is. Sometimes we become swept away by anger, greed, ego, doubt, discriminations, and distinctions. Funny to ponder isn’t it. Interesting to denote? All is Spirit, Spirit is all. The sweeping ocean tide still has a life of its own, the moon, the sun, each a spirit in their own right. We burn like stars for a bit and eventually, we dim and then burn out…ahhh…but wait life never dies…soul/spirit/source always lives, even beyond that which is physical incarnation. How life can enhance the senses, the smells, the tastes, the yearning for a new desire, the unexpressed emotions and sometimes the expressed ones. A bewilderment, perhaps, a theatre stage with characters and a beginning and ending, could be. Or maybe the main event is JUST simply to enjoy the Majestic nature of the human form while we live, the music, the love, the touch, the nature, the dance, to feel uplifted by each moment as much as we can, and try as much new as we can. To live life fully, now that’s to be truly “Alive”.

The Wheel of Fortune

As Seen from an Intuitive Perspective

Copyright: Brad J Tesh

Ahhh The Wheel of Fortune, the card has a rather intriguing name doesn’t it? “Wheel” and “Fortune” in the name. Lets explore that just a bit. What exactly does a Wheel do? Well it turns of course, it moves, circles and cycles. It sometimes may even sit still in motion but a wheels main function is to move and to propel in a cycle of motion. Now lets look at the word “Fortune”. A fortune to a gypsy represents that which is in the future, that could come to fruition. Broken down the word and card could also be seen as “For – Tune” or that which can be “tuned” or is specifically “for tuning”. Looked at this way, might a fortune be an aspect of our desires that is able to be tuned, as we move through life itself?

If we look at our fortunes or futures as where all infinite possibility exists and creative ideas can take form, we find a sense of wonder and movement. Think about the word ”tune “for a minute, when we tune something, like a musical instrument to sound right or play better, we are working with bringing out the best in the instrument and the sound. A note a singer is singing, can be tuned to sound more on pitch or in the right key. A tune itself could be a song that has a natural rhythm to it and melodic flow. When we “tune” certain things we find the right balance, the right equilibrium. Looking at life we can draw a correlation here to how we may want to look at our fortunes or futures. In essence they are “For Tuning”. Now with the motion of life being our wheel, we turn, we move and we groove! We typically are not stagnant in life – at least not for long. Newness and adventure are eminent. Change is around every corner with its twists and turns, within the Wheel of Life and The Wheel of Fortune. In this card the color blue is very prevalent, blue is a spiritual color and one that is associated with intuition and spirituality. Blue is calming in a way, it reminds us of our esoteric semblances.

Looking at the wheel of fortune, we see clouds encasing the landscape of the card. Intuitively clouds represent air and spirit – the qualities which are effervescent and ethereal in our human nature. Clouds float, they form, change shape and are in a state of movement. As such we can view this card as a card of change, as our everyday life moves, newness is around each twist and turn.Situations around us morph into new experiences. Change is almost one of the only constants in life, and almost unavoidable. Looking at the Wheel and the clouds, change is a strong element often associated with this card.

Turning one’s attention to the figures of the card themselves a lot can be noted and seen. At the top a sphinx or guardian of such is sitting with a sword He or she seems a fixed at the top of the wheel. The stance a solid one and the gaze deep. This figure perhaps is linked to the ancient Egyptians as a power symbol , situated in stone with the body of a lion and head of a man or hawk. A correlation can be drawn here, as we deepen our understanding of the wheels movement and the sphinx at the top. Even as life transforms and our situations alternate, could we not also stand strong as a sphinx, using our inner power and inner peace to remain intact and unaltered by lifes sometimes challenging situations ? Could we root ourselves in our strength and use our will to steer ourselves where we want to go, honoring our own unique spirit and being firm with our convictions, despite what others may say or think about us? Are we not guardians of our own truth? The sword is held over the heart, could it not be seen as a shield of protection? Do we not also need to sometimes protect ourselves from chaos – both outer and inner? And embrace our convictions when problems arise? The sphinx adds breathed to the cards illumination.

Lets turn our attention to the other figures, there are four winged figures in the card, each a different character. We see a bird, a lion, a bull and a woman or what looks to be an angel. All signs of the Zodiac. They each sit in the clouds and each seem to be reading a book or writing something. Could they intuitively each be symbols of our inner characteristics? Do we sometimes need to be gentle like the angel or powerful like a lion? Situations arise in our life as the cycles of life unfold before us. What if we embraced the qualities of a bird, what would it feel like to fly above the disarray and gain a new perspective? Might we need to actually be like a bull and stand firm, not allowing ourselves to be diminished or shaken by miserable energy that might want to aggravate us?

I see these figures as different aspects of the self and of life. They form my experiences in life and each to me represents an aspect of an energy within myself, I may need to embrace as I flow forth through life. Tapping into my truth as my outer wheel and inner wheel turn in constant motion. These four figures appear to be reading or writing. As we examine this isn’t it ourselves who write our own life story? Can we pick up the pen at anytime and change our fortunes? Could we gaze back into our past and “read” what was and then use that knowledge to help guide us as we “read” what is? These are possible questions you might want to ponder as you examine the card, or create your own questions as you intuitively journey into the card with inquisitive eyes.

There are two more figures in this card. The snake and the devil like creature holding up the wheel on his back. To me the snake is power – Its shape is winding, it can move with a certain ease around obstacles, for snakes can curl and alternate their bodies or contort themselves to suite impediments in their path. The lesson snake may have in the card, is sometimes in life we have to “shape shift” and embrace our inner power. We might need to look at letting go of things that no longer serve our greater good. Such could be seen as “shedding our skins” as we are faced with new relationships, new jobs or hard challenges. Snake keys us into our place of power and our ability to acknowledge that it is ok to let go of things or “shed” them. A certain out with the old in with the new motif.

The devil creature balances the wheel on his back, we might want to think about that and consider if we have too many “burdens on our back” and if so, how could we release them or change them to better flow with life and our own inner compasses or heart center? Could we ask our inner compasses or heart – What path should I take? Do we understand the power of a “horned” creature within the connection of heaven and earth? What role does the wheel of Fortune play within our life, within our spirituality and within our earthly and heavenly nature? The wheel of Fortune is about directions, shifting, finding peace in chaos, learning how to deal with life’s challenges, letting go and embracing the new and trying to find resolution. Its power generates as the wheel turns and as life is in constant motion, so are we and the wheel within. Sometimes it is an annoyance to not know what the future holds – yet sometimes it is exciting. In co- creating our future we are almost revealing in the spine tingling excitement of a human existence! Lets remember as we adapt to change we learn and we grow, becoming more than we might thought we could have.

The card is foretelling in a way, for it reminds us to not get stuck in our thinking but to embrace our moments and let new ideas and inspiration flow forth to us when we are faced with dilemmas. Anything and everything can change- this card reminds us of that. We may also want to remember we have the power to change our fortunes, to learn and use that information for our benefit. When we embrace our spiritual nature and realize our life situations are only temporary, we can shift our focus and embrace our futures or fortunes with more open arms than closed ones – accepting challenges and rising above rather than fleeing in fear. There is a certain peace and euphoria in that idea.

Our fortunes are not written in stone. They can be “tuned”, the future and your dreams are waiting for you no matter what your life “is” at the moment. By allowing the forward motion of the wheel of fortune to gently guide us rather than scare us, we can move forward with confidence and poise The wheel can invigorate and astound you, as you open to new possibilities. Life can be quite a ride at times! But it does not have to be a scary one, when we remember the illumination, teachings, strengths and attitudes this particular card teaches and showcases. We carry the attributes and energy of the wheel within us at all times and when we tap into its power – it can astound us. The Wheel opens us up to the “new”, beckoning us to express ourselves, and find our passions and motion in life. Life is always going to be a ride, but we don’t have to hide, The Wheel of Fortune teaches us …we get to decide.


Rider Waite Tarot Deck.. Pamela Smith. Rider Company. 1909. The Wheel of Fortune Card.

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“Mirror” ~ Sylvia Plath

I am silver and exact, I have no preconceptions.
What ever you see I swallow immediately
Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.
I am not cruel, only truthful—
The eye of a little god, four-cornered.
Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall.
It is pink, with speckles. I have looked at it so long
I think it is a part of my heart. But it flickers.
Faces and darkness separate us over and over.
Now I am a lake. A woman bends over me,
Searching my reaches for what she really is.
Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon.
I see her back, and reflect it faithfully.
She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands.
I am important to her. She comes and goes.
Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness.
In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman
Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.

     What a vivid, captivating poem by Sylvia Plath. The irony and metaphors are so evident in this work of poetry and the beginning so entrancing! “I am silver and exact I have no preconceptions” This is a mystical way to start a poem about a mirror, pulling the reader right in from the very start.  Plath writes “I am not cruel, only truthful”, I think this is just what a mirror might say, if it could speak. A mirrors purpose is to offer a reflection of what is standing in front of it. I think a mirror would share such a sediment, for it can not talk back telling cruel and harsh words to it’s subjects, and why would it, knowing that it’s job is to be a visible spectrum.

I love how the author has the mirror say “Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall. It is pink, with speckles, I have looked at it so long, I think it is apart of my heart” This is very clever line and gives insight into the “feelings” of a mirror. Does anyone ever stop to think if a mirror had feelings what they would be? Or do people simply use the mirror for a purpose and then discard it? This makes a person think more about the importance of a mirror in day to day life…for without a mirror how could one possibly see themselves and perform daily task with such relevant ease.

The author writes “Now I am a lake, a women bends over me searching my reaches, for what she really is” This line is exquisite, for by nature, humans “search” a mirror looking for themselves in its majesty. Do mirrors provide the “essence” of what we are? Do they allow us to “see” ourselves with ease and with importance? If a mirror could tell us what it sees in us, what would it say? These are all good questions to ponder upon, as one absorbs this poem, for they bring to light our very being as a “mirror” image of ourselves.

I love the ending of this poem; there is irony and mystery here. “I am important to her, she comes and goes…in me she has drowned a young girl and in me an old woman” What a dramatic statement Sylvia uses here. It brings to mind the thought of age and youth. Are some mirrors we used as children still with us today? Do they carry the Story of our life’s and our struggles and growth with them…or is the reflection simply new to us and to them each time we look? The line is full of so much wonder and gander, so explicitly descriptive. After reading such a vivaciously descriptive work of poetry many questions spin in my mind…what if mirrors could talk…is this what they would think and say? It makes me wonder how the mirror really feels, what does the women really think when she looks into it? Does she favor the mirror? Does it give her any joy? Might she even love it or hate it? Do we as humans see all of our true reflection in a mirror? Do we judge what we see or do we see the divine creation we are? Can we relate to mirror or it relate to us? This poem is such a mystifying and mysterious work of poetry that leaves the reader with much to consider and Reflect upon.

Analyzed for a College Literature II Course


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