I am EXCITED to be one of the new co -host of SESSIONS on ATTUNE MAGAZINE RADIO alongside The Fabulous Mary Nale and Wonderful Bonnie Cehovet.


This show will be live on BlogTalk Radio on Alternating Tuesday nights at 7 pm eastern time.

We will discuss deep and intriguing Spiritual topics of all kinds and have special guests join us!

This show will dive into metaphysical, spiritual and life topics with great depth and vigor. Such Topics we will explore may include but are not limited to: Angels, Law of Attraction, Imagination, Intuition, healing modalities, Tarot, Journeying, Mediation, Psychic gifts, Shamanism, Spirit guides, Writing, Mysticism, Joy, Energy, Laughter and the various realms of Spirituality.


We will have vivacious fun and Laugh a lot too!

We hope you will mark your calendars to listen live and join us alernaitng Wednesday nights at 7 pm.

We are so excited to share this time with you!

You can find the details Here: http://www.attunemagazine.com/sessions-on-attune-magazine-radio/

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AttuneMagazineSessions?ref=hl


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