The Tarot School

Written By: Brad J Tesh

  The Tarot School ran by Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone offers some of the most intrinsic and intuitive Tarot classes in the country. At The Tarot School you don’t just learn Tarot, you become it. I was introduced to Tarot by my friend Maris, who brought the cards to life for me and told me about the phenomenal school. I have been a student of The Tarot School for over four years now, in these four years the Amberstones have taught me the basic and foundational knowledge of the Tarot, as well as the esoteric functions of the cards. Learning about the intuitive aspects and secrets that each card contains can open you up to the world of that card. Within these worlds you begin to see and experience tarot as a gateway to Divine understanding and enlightenment, exploring each card as a world of its own. Their classes have taught me how to “see” into the depths of the cards, and how each card speaks in its own intuitive voice.

  I have learned what the hidden names of each card are, the power they hold and how they relate to life. The psychological aspects and the spiritual aspects of the cards share a vast amount of knowledge with us. By understanding these aspects I came to see that each card is much more than a single card. Within each card we can find the answers to our questions and see a pictorial representation of the totality of ourselves. The cards literally can “ speak” to us when we allow them to. Through their imagery, their energy associations, and their intuitive enlightenment, we enter into another dimension of symbolism and intrigue.  The spiritual names and symbols of each card hold a cavern of intuitive insights within their picturesque embodiment.

  The Amberstones have showed me that the Tarot is a journey. It is like holding multiple worlds within your hands when you pick up a deck of Tarot Cards and then discovering which journey you are embarking on, as you do a reading. They tell us a story, infuse our mind with truth and bring illumination to our spirit. As a student of their teleclasses, I am always invigorated by the amount of knowledge Wald and Ruth Ann present to their students. It is as though we all get to call in to the telelclass line and be transported to another dimension of learning right from the comfort of our homes. The live discussions are not only life giving, they are educational. Wald teaches each card indepthly, bringing forth intuitive knowledge from the card and enhancing the learning experience by uncovering depths within the cards, that are seldom seen or known.

  The opinions and discussion each participant adds, bring about a sense of community and commonality during a Tarot telelclass. We all get to freely express our opinions and learn as we discuss the card with Wald and the other participants. Ruth Ann often guides the class through magical, transcendental meditations that open the spiritual senses, bringing forth intuitive revelations. These meditations inspire our creative natures, educate our mind and soothe our soul. The entire experience of a Tarot teleclass transcends all that you may think you know about Tarot. They are enlightening, educational and effervescent classes. You don’t just learn… you grow and evolve. You become more through what you’re taught.

  The Tarot school has helped me see deeper into myself and uncover my strengths, while actually giving me the ability to face my weaknesses. I have learned about my energy and personality traits while unearthing an understanding of the mystical and magical ways of my spirit. This has helped me to know where my strongest attributes are and how to enhance them. At the same time these insights have given me valuable information on how to work with the other side of my nature that often felt misplaced or out of sorts. Understanding the duality of my birthcards has enabled  me to find a place of balance within myself and my life. The Tarot School teaches Tarot in a way I had never experienced until I began taking their tarot classes. You are taught both psychological and divine attributes of the cards, and how they blend together to form the world around you. 

  For example, I never saw the Devil card as a card that was about wild abandonment and indulging in the lavish side of life. The Devil card can mean many things, such as a shadow side of ourselves, or that which we are “chained” to or can’t let go of. But to see it as a card of wild abandonment and partaking in lavish enjoyment and freeing the soul, brought the whole card alive for me in a whole new way. For every dark there is a light in the Tarot, a balance of semblance. I also never knew the “strength” card was known as “The daughter of the flaming sword”. This has helped me center on why it was so important to me as one of my birthcards and an aspect of my energy. Understanding this valuable depth the card possesses encouraged me to embrace my strengths and allow myself to tap into my power and confidence.

  The Amberstones classes have enabled me to be an effective reader for my clients and myself, opening me up to possibilities and worlds beyond my imagination. I have learned how to read a card from multiple angles. I feel this has  dramatically improved  my skills as a reader and a teacher of Tarot. The Tarot School offers anyone interested in learning Tarot a thrilling, stimulating and valuable learning experience. You begin to notice just how magical the Tarot is when you take one of their classes and how much knowledge and illumination Tarot can bring into your world. The cards are taught in a manner which can be understood and applied to real life. The school offers its students  fundamental  knowledge, expansive growth  and showers a person with intuitive enlightenment. I highly recommend The Tarot School whether you are a beginner or advanced Tarot enthusiast. These classes will expand your mind , stimulate your soul and enrich your understanding of Tarot –  while enhancing your life in ways you may have never dreamed possible.   

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Written By: Brad J Tesh Tarot Reader & Teacher. Author. Freelance Writer.


© Brad Tesh April 2013
   Laughter is one of the most essential facets of life in my opinion, for it brings a Joy that is fulfilling and whole.  When we add humor to Life, we open ourselves to a universe full of giggles, silliness and wonder. In those moments we release our worries and find a complete awareness of “being in the moment”. Laughter is a beautiful thing as it cultivates our connection to our inner child. Spiritually speaking the inner child is a spontaneous, creative, lively and joyful part of our personality and soul, which we knew so well in our childhood. Laughter is one the simplest ways to re-connect to our inner child.
    Let’s explore for a moment why humor is so essential to our well being. When we are laughing, having fun and joking, we are experiencing a lighter, softer side of life. Things that “Tickle our Funny bone” (and what’s wrong with a tickle now and then); release pent up tension, anger and stress. Just silly self expressionism brings us to a more elevated state of consciousness. We laugh at something because it is funny, we laugh because it is ironic, and we laugh because it is an unexpected moment that creates a feeling response of glee. Finding humor in things lifts us out of the ordinary into the extraordinary.
   There are many ways to laugh and enjoy yourself. Going to see your favorite comedian, or watching a funny TV program, are a couple ways to really lighten your mood. Joking with friends is another way to really laugh, as we can be our true selves and fully let go. Finding humor even in the things we perceive to go wrong, is a good way to laugh too because we can choose to see the humor and positivity in something we may perceive as negative. All these are the ways to bring the essence of laughter into your world. If life were serious all the time, we would get bored and became exceptionally unhappy. Laughter brings us something sensational, something vivacious. Your entire body feels Joy when you laugh. It creates a happy sensation in the heart chakra that moves positive energy through your entire body, mind and spirit. For an instance, we are almost feeling weightless, caught up so deeply in the moment that our outer world may fade away briefly. Now that’s really living, that’s experiencing Life!
    Joy and laughter are very closely related but a bit different. One might say laughter brings Joy, and that is a true statement. Within Laughter, there is a very heightened sense of Joy and a momentary release of energy, that flows through you and out into the universe. In my opinion, Laughter should be an essential part of our everyday routine. Not only does it enhance our well-being, but it brings us Joy and uplifts those around us. Being carefree and silly with others creates an enchanting unification with them, which is delightful and fun. Fun and delight are so important to feeling good and free! Joking with others and adding humor to conversations opens our natural connection to our “source” which is peaceful, loving, and jolly. Laughter puts us at ease and helps we relax. We dance with Life! In fact laughter could be viewed as the “hip-hop” dance of life. It moves us, grooves us and enthuses us. I’m not saying you have to go around bouncing off the wall all the time, though a good bounce on a trampoline or bouncing to music, never hurt a thing!
   Respecting people’s boundary lines when using humor, is also an important factor to consider. Often, each individual has a boundary of what they find humorous or what they find offensive. Learning to “lighten up”, and let go of all those heavy burdens once in a while, puts your body at ease and frees your mind. Try to find the humor in simple things or the conversation you are having, and let your spirit flow free. Don’t just stop and smell the roses…sit with them…admire them…let them make you smile. Nature laughs in colors. Inhale the aroma of laughter throughout your day! “Allowing” humorous moments brings more Joy and spontaneity into your life.
    We could all use a bit of spice once in a while. Like a food that tastes so good with a bit of seasoning. Laughter is that extra spice that helps make things alright! Laughter adds that magical flavor you just want more and more of.  Sometimes it is good for life to be a Whoo-nelly waa hoo weee! Although it may seem to others you are in a world of your own, ignore them and love the moment your in. Experience that moment in its totality!
   Laughter is also like music it many ways, sometimes soft as in a giggle and sometimes loud and intense. Whatever it’s velocity, let it course though you and welcome its energy and vitality. Allow it to warm your heart and soul. Feel your belly when you laugh; it is full of vibrant expansive energy! Expressing itself as joy in your body! Humor is meant to be enjoyed. Sometimes it’s good to ROFL or Roll on the Floor Laughing! What’s the harm in that really? You might see a whole new perspective of life from the floor! You’ll find the moments of laughter to be one of the most valuable parts of your day, because you feel euphoric when you experience them. Give into laughter and let it free you and fulfill you, it is good to feel happy and free. It is good to laugh!
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